I live in Milton, in the panhandle of Florida: east and south of Alabama!  Not the East Coast, not Disneyworld, not Cape Canaveral. Yes, Milton, that tiny little town next to Pensacola with all of its military bases and green, emerald-tinted water beachfront.  I think of Milton as a having a touch of the old Southern hospitality and culture mixed in with the new realities of sprawling suburban culture, as the crowded coastal cities spread inland.

I love Milton and it’s (still) small-town charm!  I am originally from the Los Angeles, California area, so yes, I yearn for that small-town feel!  I also sell high-end or luxury real estate in Milton.  Real estate, namely, luxury real estate is a real passion in my life.  However, many people don’t understand how Milton and luxury belong in the same sentence.  They say it’s a oxymoron.  They say, “You cannot sell luxury real estate in Milton because there are no luxury houses in Milton, Florida!”

I disagree; in fact, I just recently sold one.  Milton does have its mansions. Though it is no Beverly hills, Milton still has its share of high-end properties.  In fact, I think the houses here are better than in Beverly Hills because you get the Southern appeal and all of its charm, instead of big city traffic and crime.  You get the whole gulf coast right down the road, and weather that will keep you on your toes!

I choose Milton and I think if you experienced it, you would too! 

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