Let me just say at the beginning that all my current and past clients are really, really good folks and could never be classified as a witch, of course!  However, there may be some clients of other brokers that are utterly and absolutely a first-class, broom-riding witch when it comes to dealing in real estate matters.

The question is can you divorce or fire your client (the witch) in the middle of a transaction once you discover that they are a witch? And should you if you can? 

Yes (in most all cases) and yes!

Bad clients don’t pay.  Not only will the deal generally fall through because of the witch, you will likely have some sleepless nights just trying to deal with the bad client.  It’s generally not worth dealing with a person who does not corporate and is always pointing the finger at someone else (often-times you) when things go wrong.

Don’t take a chance that maybe a deal can be done and a commission check may be realized, understand that not only is it likely that you will not be paid, but you may be sued (for nothing) and/or slandered in reviews or other places.

Just walk away and ditch the witch!

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